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I – Object
Through its tools and enabling information, the author of this site. Offers you the possibility to access a variety of resources that will show you how to earn a serious income by increasing your financial income.

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III – Capacity of Access

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IV – From the Site Access

To access the author site of this site, you will need to provide some of your data. Such data shall be provided CORRECTLY and shall be current and complete.

If the author team of this site. Believe that the data provided is untrue, inaccurate or outdated, you may suspend your access to the site at any time and without any prior notice.

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V – Limited Warranties

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We do not guarantee that your income will be the same as those reported by the author of this site. You will accept the risk of not profiting from the same in the examples. You claim to understand the author of this site. Can not guarantee the amount of profits you will have.

The site provides technical support and assistance to service users and tools. The author of this site. Is responsible for sending the Program or Service purchased and for making the service available for the period determined on the homepage.

VI – Limited Responsibilities

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VII – The Affiliates

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VIII – Changes to the Term of Use and Service

The author of this site. You may change this Term of Use and Service at any time.

We recommend that you periodically consult this Term to ensure its content. We also advise you to access the contents of these Terms each time you access our website.

IX – Practices Banned

The following are practices forbidden to the user of this website: 1. Being a minor, that is, having less than 18 (eighteen) years; 2. Copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works, transfer or sell any information, trademarks, logos, software, products or services obtained through the author of this site;

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X – Release / Visibility of Training Modules

You affirm with the acceptance of this Term, be aware that the training modules are released (gradually become visible), aiming at the practical and conceptual maximization of their learning, and that the release time of these modules, stipulated by the team Of the author of this site., Must be respected.

XI – From Hyper-Links and Cookies

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XII – Security

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XIII – Cancellation of access to the site

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XIV – Indemnification

You affirm with the acceptance of this Agreement, be aware that you will indemnify us if you misuse our website or violate this Agreement. Such indemnities shall also be payable to our affiliates in the event of failure to comply with any of the conditions described above.

In case of violation of the legislation in force, the commissions provided for in Law 9.610-98 (copyright law) will be applied, without prejudice to the application of Law 2,848-40 (Brazilian Penal Code) and 10,406-02 (Brazilian Civil Code ).

XV – Acceptance of the Term

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