The Secrets To Really Making Money Selling Any Product, Service Or Idea

Hello! How are you? Today I’d like to talk to you about making Money. Actually, it’s about making much more Money than you do today. The fact is that everything in life is exchanging, that is, somebody has a product or service and another person, interested in that product or service, gives money to exchange that. It seems to be easy, doesn’t it? And it’s easy, but not for everyone. Only for those who have the right techniques to use. It’s about a unique way of how to sell and make money in four real steps. Using simple and efficient techniques with immediate application, even if you have never sold anything to anybody. We’re talking about the 04 real ways of making Money with sales.

Many times, we spend our lives trying to improve and reach very high levels of financial incomes. However, not always we get this. Most of the times it’s because we are using the wrong strategy to sell our product or service to people. I myself not every time was succeeded in the private sector. Observe this: I have an excellent academic education. I’m a lawyer, post-graduated in Criminal Law, but the difficulties in being effective in selling my services to clients disrupted me several times. Applying the correct techniques, I managed to increase my performance and make Money that really allowed me to make dreams come true, such as spending 15 days enjoying Europe without being on vacation. It’s very difficult to sell when one doesn’t know the game rules. It’s impossible to make money in fact when you don’t know the right techniques. At last, sometimes, you even have the right technique, but you don’t know how to use it.

The questions are: are you REALLY making Money with sales? Are you able to make all your dreams come true with the money that you get with these sales? Do you know how to make money immediately using simple and efficient sales techniques? Selling is very difficult when one doesn’t know where the error is. This is a problem of 99% of the professional all over the world and in all areas. Everyone is on the same boat, in a real war, since selling is what moves the world, in any areas. So, if you answered “no” to some of these questions, it’s not your fault. Nobody teaches you how to make money selling in a technical way, neither at school, at college nor in life. Thus, it’s common to all of us always repeat the same errors, in a higher or lower level. Nevertheless, it’s your responsibility to do something about it, in order to make you grow and improve. Now, that you know the truth, it’s up to you act and change the situation to become a specialist in selling anything.

Getting back to talk a bit about my personal life, I was Lucky to have a father who is the best automobile consultant in Brazil and who has been helping training more than 100 thousand people all over the world, exactly in sales. It’s like the saying: “in blacksmiths house the stick is made of wood”. Or, at least, the stick used to be made of wood. It’s not this anymore. This because, after a long and lengthy process of readings, coexistence and adaptations, we got to a common denominator, adding up all of his expertise with my rhetorical capacity acquired in my life as a lawyer. All of this resulted in a totally unique thing, that allies the sales techniques within the rhetoric.

Well, you must be already tired of listening to me. Then, let’s pass to some clear tips to help you understand of what we are speaking about:
1. From now on, it doesn’t matter if you are an automobile salesperson, a physician, a lawyer, an insurance salesperson, a company executive. You have to have in your mind that, in a way or another, you are always selling. When it is not a direct sale, it’s the sale of an idea. Then, let’s keep in mind, today I’ll become a Sales Consultant, either of products, services or ideas.

2. But it’s not only this. We need to change how you perceive your message receiver. Let’s call him “buyer”. Yes, that’s it, “buyer”! Because it doesn’t matter what you are trying to sell: if it’s an idea, a product or a service, the person who receives the message needs to want to “buy” what you say. Another mistake that we make is that we think that we don’t have the right product for a certain “buyer”. Or even that the message receiver is not, effectively, a buyer, and that he is only making you waste your time. It’s possible to sell anything to anyone, you just need to find the right product for that person. Facing this on the contrary is losing a sale and the chance to make money.

3. We sell all the time. That’s it! All the time we are transmitting and receiving messages, this interferes in our convictions, in our way of life, behavior, and, the most important (for me and for you), in the way people will spend their money. So, start facing day-by-day situations as sales opportunities, even though it is simply to plant seeds in people’s heads.

Well, for all of this, we created the e-book “4 Steps to Make Money”, to provide you the possibility, through 04 real steps, to be able to make money selling an idea, a product or a service.

It’s necessary to say that companies all over the world pay a lot for consultancy to teach/train their employees to learn how to sell. Each training of those, within lectures and content, may cost thousands of dollars, reaching to the amount of U$$2,500.00 per person.

Hence, an e-book indicating all techniques of a sales process and also the behavior for consultants, can easily cost around 250 and 500 dollars, only for simple tips. After all, when everything is put into practice, the result of the investment will be hugely higher. So, figure out to get a complete guide, a real training on how to sell! All of this allied to tips of oratory to be used at the right moment!

The price would become much higher. But, don’t worry, we aren’t here to sell you an impossible dream. We want to help people. Because of this, we have decide to establish a price for launching, which is U$$59,99. Simply there’s not in the Market something so complete and unique for such low price.

We will still give you a surprise freebie, to help you understand how the brain Works at the moment of a sale.

Our idea is give each person the possibility of better quality of life. Because of that, we have decided to share all of our knowledge to people in the whole world, in order to, through the sales work, they may really get where they want. A real sales training.

With real endeavor and application, this is the opportunity for you to make Money, being able to make your dreams come true and give more comfort to you and your Family. If you don’t do anything, you’ll keep doing and living the same, being logged, without any perspectives. All people can improve, can be big, but not all of them choose this. Do something for you and your family now!

The issue is that only those people with attitudes will get there. People who don’t wait, but make things happen. Do something for you today! Click at the sale icon and start changing your life though your job with sales.

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Well, we realize that most people do not know how to make money quickly using basic and effective sales techniques. That's why we developed the ebook "4 Steps to Make Money". This is the only ebook that unveils how to sell and make money in four real steps, even if you have never sold anything to anyone. So if you really want to make money from sales quickly and smartly, it's not just the best but the only possible solution.

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